My furry family

Here we are in a photo shoot in our showroom in Barcelona. Almost all of my dogs are adopted even the pure breeds. It is not necessary to buy dogs, even dogs with a pedigree can normally be adopted. So always check before with your local shelter before you buy a dog!

Fabiola adopted Greyhound,Mr Miles, Mittel Spitz (puppy mill rescue), Alaska my terrified Chihuahau was a gift, Gucci is a rescued Italian Greyhound, Lincoln rescued from the streets with a traffic injury, Khaleesha my Irish Wolfhound was bought, her breed has very responsible breeders and normally there are not more Irish Woldhounds than there are owners. We also have two rescued cats in the family but they refused to be in the picture with so many dogs. We also normally try to have at least one foster dog waiting for adoption from sosgalgos.

Klea Levin and her dog family

Klea Levin design

photo Camilla Lindquist

Klea Levin has a wide background, originally studying design and further on art in Stockholm. She tried several fields in the photography world as a model, photo assistant, project leader at the Modern Museum of Stockholm department of Photography and finally Public Relations. She left Sweden, continuing her modeling career in Barcelona. She fell in love with the city famous for its design and decided to stay. Now married and with 4 children biological and adopted she is the in house designer of the famous Otto Zutz Group the family business and the founder of Barcelona Dogs.

Klea is also collaborating with greyhound rescue trying to support the galgo foundations in Spain.  As an Chinese adoptive mum she is supporting several Chinese rescue groups in the awful dog and cat meat trade sector. In her free time she rides dressage and study Chinese.

Klea Levin is the founder of Barcelonadogs, Barcelonadogs is a young dynamic dog crazy company designing for your pets and of course for it´s owners. With a past in the fashion industry as a model Klea felt compelled to create something different for her 6 small and large dogs. The company started out with Greyhound collars and went quickly on to dog collars for large and giant breeds. Now Barcelonadogs create s dog collars for all breeds from the tiniest Chihuahuas to giants Irish Wolfhounds.The company is based in Barcelona at the Tibidabu mountains in a beautiful  1800th  century Arabic Villa.

Klea Levin designs two brands, Klea Levin design; with beautiful dog beds and dog blankets,  and barcelonadogs including; Soft Fashion, with delicate luxury dog wear, Cool Sport, dog collar for  every day wear, and Haute Couture exclusive dog collars for very special moments and rare to find on the market. Klea Levin is also  a dressage rider and are starting out some new products for horses and riders. The dog collars are handmade and ecological, made by her team far away from factories, and with the best quality available in jewelry and leathers from Catalunya, France and Italy. All hand selected by Klea. The dog collars are imaginative, fun and unique in its design and have had an enormous success since they came out on the market in selected boutiques.