Little Red Riding Hood Coat Sighthounds


Beautiful rain-coat for Sighthounds for all weathers. Covers all! This coat is lined with black cotton so it is useful in spring and autumn too.

For Whippet, English Greyhounds, Galgo Español and similar. Red with black lining.

We suggest:

20 inches/ 51 cm is good for Whippets

24 inches / 61 cm for very small English Greyhounds or Spanish Galgos

26 inches / 66 cm for medium sized English Greyhounds and Spanish Galgos.

28 inches / 71 cm for the very big English Greyhounds or  Spanish Galgos.

Remember that the Galgo Español is normally not as large around the chest as a standard English Greyhound.

Many dogs prefer a coat that is not too long in the back to feel more free.

Dogs on picture are both large dogs and are using the largest size. The male on second photo is a huge Greyhound and it fits him perfectly!

The medium large female could have used a smaller size too.

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