Black Vintage Rose Harness with Leash


Beautiful adjustable harness and leash. In cotton with roses on a black base. It’s a romantic and sweet harness with a very easy way to close it.

Step in system and super comfortable harness. Leash is included.

XXS/XS  Very tiny breeds like Chihuahua toys

XS/S   Small breeds like Yorkhsires, Maltese, Italian Greyhounds, Pomeranias

S/M  Terrier, Pinshers and Bichons and similars

Leash is included in the price.

The smallest size XXS/XS is perfect for very tiny teacup breeds like the toy Chihuahua on the picture.

XS/S is very good for slightly larger breeds like the Yorkshires on the picture.

S/M can we worn by a bit larger Pinschers, Bichon Frises, Pomeranians and similar breeds. The harness is very adjustable so it suits many smaller breeds  

The harness comes with the leash included. 

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