Our products are handmade in Barcelona Spain with leather from cow or bull from our area. There are no wild endangered animals used in our production violating the WASHINGTON CONVENTION of endangered wild animals and species.
All resemblance to wild animals is simply patterns and colour dies on cowhide in different thickness.
Other materials that we use are provided from the European Community and are of our own design and trademark. Accessories are made of glass/crystal. Metals are ECO gold/nickel with a metal finish. Earrings are made with ECO gold a material that does not provoke allergies. Most accessories are made with Preciosa Bohemian and Swarovski crystals. We use the one we see most fit for each design to be able to be free in our designs. On each collar there there can be a mix of crystals of different origins, if not stated specifically the crystal type.   
The COO country of origin is Spain (Barcelona.)
The process to produce our handmade leather accessories are ecological and completely manual, we use no machines or products that can hurt the environment. We use local providers for almost all materials.
The products are leather accessories for pets and for their owners and have no other use than being purely decorative! 
Small differences in colors, leathers and products should be seen as a proof of a handmade product. All products can have smaller differences in colour and shape.