LUXURY Turquoise Pepita Harness


Gorgeous everyday high quality harness for smaller dogs. Matching leash out of stock. 

Very adjustable straps so the harness is easy to adjust for perfect fit.

From Toy to S/M sizes. Many beautiful golden details.

Strong but soft fabric with an inside soft padding for extra comfort for your little dog.

XXS/XS  is suitable for very tiny toy Chihuahuas and similar.

XS/S  fits perfectly normal sized Maltese, Yorkies, Italian Greyhounds and CATS etc.

S/M  is suitable for most small/medium sized dogs, like Jack Russell Terriers, Shih Tzus, larger Pomeranians (Klein Spitz) and similar dog breeds.

The fabric for the Pepita harness is perfect also for active dogs.

The Toy Chihuahua in photos weighs less than 2 kilos (4 ibs) and uses the smallest size  XXS/XS

The small Yorkshire terrier is using the XS/S size.

The Klein Spitz in photos (larger than a standard Pomerania)  is 6 kilos (13,2 ibs) and uses the largest size S/M harness. 

Don´t forget to add the matching cute LUXURY leash.

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