Organic Perfumes


Completely organic fragrances.  Perfect for everyday use.  Use them as eau de toilette, room spray, body spray or for your pet. Handmade in Barcelona from real certified organic essences. The base is made with alcohol to avoid different additives. Spray from a distance.  These perfumes can be bought in our shop but since our store clients asked us to put them online to be sent to them again here they are.

Nardo/Tuberose is our absolute bestseller. It´s an intence flower scent. Strong and  seductive. One spray is all that is needed to be sumerged in this sweet, exotic, velvety scent of a summer night garden.  As a known aphrodisiac the tuberose symbolizes dangerous pleasures.

Sexy Vanilla is a classy vanilla scent from organic Madagascar vanilla. It is not too sweet nor too strong. We found that perfect balance of erotic warm vanilla and sophistication.  This is a great aphrodisiac.

Bois de Teck/ Teak wood forest is an earthy wood fragrance.  It is captivating.  Just one spray takes you back to ancient times of deep Asian forests of warm wood,, musk and sweet amber. It has a calming and comforting effect. Unisex.

Vino Tinto/ Red Wine has a deep red wine scent. A bit spicy and with a touch of vanilla and nuts. It´s an interesting curious fragrance not very common. It´s rich and soothing.

Balearic herbs is made for our Barcelona lovers. With a touch of  Mediterranean herbs mixed with fresh fig trea flower and a hint of rosemary. It is a very balanced happy perfume. Invigorating and improves mental clarity. Unisex

India is a strong exotic scent, masculine, spicy and an aphrodisiac for sure. A touh of smoke and pachuli is added to give it that special scent of sexy seduction. Unisex.

100 ml

Handmade in Barcelona. Cruelty free. 

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