Centimeters / Centímetros

   Inches / Pulgadas

Measurements of first to last closing hole of the collar.

Your dogs neck needs to be in between these measurements.


All collars are less wide at buckle for comfort this is the max width.

Measurements of first to last closing hole of the collar.

Your dogs neck needs to be in between these measurements.


All collars are less wide at buckle for comfort, this is the max width.

 Tallas Lenght/Longitud Max Width/Anchura Lenght/Longitud Max Width/Anchura
 TOY 14-19.5 1.5 5.5-7.7 0.6
XXS 17-25 2 6.7-9.8 0.8
XXS Double 17-25 4.5 6.7-9.8 1.8
XS 24.5-28.8 2.7 9.6-11 1.1
XS Double 24.5-28.8 4.5 9.6-11 1.8
XS Italian Greyhound 22-27 4 8.65-10.6 1.57
S 27-34 2.9 10.6-13.4 1.1
S Double 27-34 5 10.6-13.4 2
S Sighthound 24-30 5.5 9.4-11.8 2.18
 M 30.36 3 11.4-14.2 1.2
M Wide 30-35 4.5 11.4-13.8 1.8
M Double 29-35 5 11.4-13.8 2
M Whippet 27-35 6 10.6-13.75 2.36
L Wide 37-45 4.7 14.6-17.7 1.9
 L 36-47 3 14.6-18.5 1.2
L Double 38-47 6 15-18.5 2.2
XL 38-48 5.2 15-18.9 2
XL+ 39-53 5.2 15.3-21.2 2
XXL Double 50-64 6.2 19.7-25.2 2.4
L Sighthound 30-40 8 11.8-15.75 3.1



TOY Toy size is for very very tiny kittens and Tea cup chihuahuas. Miniature Toy breeds or tiny small tea cup puppies!
XXS XXS is for very small breeds such as Yorkshires and most small Chihuahuas, Maltese etc.
XS XS is for smaller breeds but not the tiniest ones, like a bit grown Chihuahuas, Small Poodels, Chinese Crested, small dogs in general normally up to max 4 kilos (8.8 pounds).
XS Double XS double is perfect for normal sized 3-6 kilos, 6.6-13.3 pounds, Italian Greyhounds or Mini Pinchers with long neck.
XS Italian Greyhound Special size for Italian Greyhounds or other breeds that like a wider shaped collar
S S is for Whesties, bigger terriers like Fox and Jack Russell’s for example, Medium Pinchers.
S Double Leather S double leather, is suitable for smaller galgos like whippets or dogs with longer necks, Dash-hounds, Medium Pinchers etc that like it really wide, double leather!
S Sighthound S sighthound is a perfect size for small Sighthounds and other breeds that like a wider shaped collar.
M M is perfect for small/medium breeds that want a collar that isn´t so wide.
 M Wide M wide is greaat for medium dogsthat like a wider and shaped collar ; Small French Bulldogs Boston Terriers, Westies, it´s quite wide so it can also be used for smalls Greyhounds Salukis or similar breeds.
M Double M double is a little bit wider than M wide and with 2 leathers attached together to make a nice contrast a sturdier dog collar and to play with colors. Great for Whippets and long necked medium breeds.
M Whippet This is the perfect size for Whippets and other breeds that prefer a wider and shaped collar.
L Wide L wide is for bigger slim dogs such as Boxers, Pointers, Dobbermanns large Greyhounds, Dalmatians or Sheppard’s it´s quite wide with nice shape softly curved for best fit.
L L is not wide and not shaped, just a straight size! Good for many breeds!
L Double Leader L double leather, after the success with the GIANT models we now also make them in L. It´s the same models with the double leather just smaller, for dogs that that want to wear a really wide strong collar, double leather!
XL & XL+ XL is good Labradors, Retrievers, Schnauzers, German Sheppards etc. Rhodesian Ridgebacks etc. Even a fat Labrador can fit, it´s a wider model.
XXL Lineal  XXL lineal is for all giant dogs that doesn´t want a wide collar! The leather is not double and it´s more narrow it has no shape just a straight model!
XXL Double Leader  XXL double leather is for Giant dogs and dogs that like a wider and stronger collar, for example English Bulldogs, Grand Danois, Irish Wolfhounds, Rottweilers. It´s double leather.
Gaudi Gaudi size is for French Bulldogs and similar, it has a Gaudi inspired shape, dogs with lots of loose neck skin like Sharpeis and French bulldogs benefit from this model since its curved and comfortable for them.
Sighthound L Sighthound is extra wide for all bigger sight hounds, Greyhounds, Galgos, Borzois and similar! It´s completely formed and at maximum width 8 cm or 3,1 inches to be escape proof for the small head of the Sighthound.
XXL+ XXL+ we have a size that is special orders only it´s enormous for Mastiffs and similar dogs. Double leather, extra strong hooks and leather and of course huge !

Sighthound Coats

Our coats are mainly suitable for Sighthounds. They already have a wide fit for the chest and are narrow around the neck, just measure the back of your dog from the lower neck to the top of the tail and you will know the right size for your dog. Make sure your dogs length fits well within our measurements especially in the haute couture limited edition fabrics that are less flexible it´s preferably to choose a tiny bit larger that smaller.

Smaller dog clothes (Chihuahuas) we measure in kilos so weight your dog!

Italian greyhound 40 cm / 15.7 inches
Whippet short / M Pinscher 45 cm / 17.7 inches
Whippet long 54 cm / 21.26 inches
Greyhound M 68 cm / 26.7 inches
Greyhound L 77 cm / 30.3 inches

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